Important notice regarding "Shin Yaeryu" WagakkiBand Official Fan Club


Thank you very much for your continued support of WagakkiBand.
As for the launch of the "Shin Yaeryu" fan club,
we have have received many questions and requests since we made the announcement on July 1st, which we very much appreciate.

The members and staff thoroughly discussed everything again after looking at all of your questions and requests.
Based on that, we revised some of the details regarding the service.

These changes are outlined below.

1. We will be changing the name from "Shin Yaeryu LITE" to "Shin Yaeryu DIGITAL" based on previous service content.

2. As for priority tickets on "Shin Yaeryu DIGITAL,"
   priority tickets will be guaranteed for "Shin Yaeryu DIGITAL" members when priority ticket pre-orders go live.
   Members of "Shin Yaeryu DIGITAL" who reside outside of Japan will also be offered a chance to pre-order priority tickets.
   If residents in Japan are members of both "Shin Yaeryu PREMIUM" and "Shin Yaeryu DIGITAL," then they will be able to access priority ticket pre-orders for both services.

3.  The blog will be updated so that it is also able to view on "Shin Yaeryu PREMIUM." (Scheduled to start in August)

4.  An update will make it so that videos are also available to watch on "Shin Yaeryu PREMIUM." (An update will follow at an undetermined time starting in August)

5.  An update will make it so that exclusive fan club goods are also available to purchase on "Shin Yaeryu DIGITAL."

That is all.
Please check the service catalog for details.

This will bring a our much loved fan club to an entirely new level.
We will be sure to bring you even more developments and improved services.

We certainly hope that you will continue to support WagakkiBand into the future.


Written in July 2019.

The staff at Shin Yaeryu WagakkiBand Official Fan Club