Rules and Requests for a Wagakki Band Live Performance


Thank you for your continued support of Wagakki Band.

Since our debut in April 2014, we at Wagakki Band have been supported by fans like you.
Thanks to you, we have reached the fifth year since our debut.
All of the band members and staff thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued constant support.

Shortly, our nationwide tour "Wagakki Band Japan Tour 2019 REACT - Shinsho" will begin.
Wagakki Band's live performances bring in fans of a wide range of nationalities and ages,
and in order for all audience members to be safe and have fun in the world of Wagakki Band,
we will explain several rules to be followed during live performances.
Please review these rules before arriving to the venue.

The band members and staff ask for your continued cooperation and understanding
so that all audience members can enjoy the performance as much as possible.

We are eager to share our music with you and have fun together.


Sincerely, Wagakki Band & Wagakki Band Staff




<1> "Rules Regarding Clothing and Hair during a Live Performance"

Cosplay is not generally banned from Wagakki Band live events.

Although it is fine to arrive wearing clothes and hairstyles that you find fun,
excessive clothing, headgear, masks, ornaments, hairstyles of immoderate height, and anything else that will clearly obstruct the view of audience members to your sides and back will be prohibited.

Please choose your outfit and hairstyle with consideration for audience members around you.


<2> "Rules Regarding Risky Behaviors during Live Performances"

Please refrain from all behaviors that are typically thought to be dangerous, as well as any conduct and speech that may be unpleasant for other audience members.

Please understand in advance that if a staff member observes any actions that pose a danger to others, such as moshing, diving, jumping, or "wotagei" dancing,
or other behavior that appears unpleasant to those in the vicinity,
you will receive a warning.


<3> "Barrages, Curtains, and Original Creations"

Bringing your own original creations inscribed with messages to band members, such as handmade barrages, curtains, boards, or fans,
and holding them high above your head towards the stage during the performance will be strictly prohibited.

Although we are grateful for your enthusiasm, if you behave immoderately
you may bother other audience members, and therefore we ask you to be thoughtful and attentive at our performance.


<4> "Items which Emit Light"

If you wish to bring a light-emitting item, you may bring only official Wagakki Band pen lights.
Unofficial light-emitting items are prohibited.

There are currently many different types of pen lights and other light-emitting items on the market, and audience members have been increasingly bringing items that are too long or emit light that is too bright.
There are cases where such items appear to inconvenience other audience members.

We ask for your understanding of this policy which aims to prevent accidents from occurring during live performances.


<5> "Rules Regarding Other Official Goods"

If you bring a "Hakuchikudo x Yuko Suzuhana Collaboration" folding fan to a live performance,
   please hold it at chest height
   so that it does not inconvenience audience members around you or cause injury.

Except during designated songs, towel-waving can irritate other audience members and is therefore prohibited.
   If band members call out to the audience to wave their towels, you may do so.
   Have fun, but remember to be considerate of others and not to hit anyone with your towel.

The wearing of an "Asakame-kun Puppet" is prohibited at a live performance.


<6> "Rules Regarding Luggage"

Bringing large luggage or suitcases, cosplay garments, or bags containing promotional items to a live performance
can block other audience member's view, block the passages by your seat, and pose a safety threat.
Please store such items in our on-site coin lockers, cloakroom, or in coin lockers in a nearby train station.
We are not responsible for lost or stolen valuables.


<7> "Rules Regarding Photography and Video Recording"

Taking photos or video recordings during a live performance with any device, including cameras and cellular phones, is strictly prohibited.

If a staff member sees you recording the performance
your data may be immediately erased or your camera may be confiscated.
We earnestly ask that you refrain from any recording.
Please understand that if you are observed with a device with photography or recording functions during the performance, the data on your device may be reviewed.


<8> "Rules Regarding Children and Seniors"

There may be many small children and seniors in the audience at a Wagakki Band performance.
We ask that you behave politely and with restraint if there are small children or seniors sitting next to you.

Depending on spatial constraints at the specific venue, there may be a "Kid's Space" or "Kid's Area"
provided for children inside the venue.
If keeping your child with you is causing any difficulties, please make use of a designated children's area.

 ※ On the "Wagakki Band Japan Tour 2019 REACT -Shinsho-," we plan to provide Kid's Spaces at all sixteen venues.


<9> "Rules Regarding Reserved Seating"

Small children, seniors, families, and other customers who wish to watch the performance sitting down
may make use of our reserved seating.

If you are in a reserved seat, we ask that you remain seated for the duration of the performance.
Please understand that we are unable to guarantee the distance of reserved seating from the stage.

We do not provide reserved seating at all performances. Please check our home page for more information.


<10> "Questions and Concerns"

If you have any questions or concerns about the above rules and regulations, please ask venue staff members.